Gentle laser dentistry calms fear in Ellisville

Only an estimated six percent of general dentists own a laser. Ellisville dentists, Dr. Andrew Mitchell and Dr. Scott Mitchell, find that pretty amazing. Since they obtained the equipment and training to use the state of the art WaterLase MD, they’ve seen it change the face of dentistry in the communities of Ellisville, Ballwin, and West County. Laser dentistry has many applications, and is especially appropriate for patients who are anxious about dental appointments.


Tender technology

Unlike a traditional thermal laser, which uses heat for cutting, the WaterLase uses energized water, making your experience in the dental chair comfortable and painless.

We use advanced techniques to create beautiful smiles efficiently and comfortably. WaterLase is a great example of a technology that results in reduced downtime from treatment and promotes rapid healing.

When WaterLase is used

WaterLase is a safe and gentle alternative to the use of a drill. It can be used in certain procedures such as:

  • Soft tissue surgery.
  • Cosmetic tissue contouring.
  • Minor cavity preparation.
  • To help control the progress of periodontal disease.

With the use of the WaterLase, these procedures can be done without the need for stitching, drilling, and in some cases, injected local anesthetic.

Up to 75 percent of adults in this country experience some level of dental fear. In many cases, it keeps them from getting preventative care and treatment necessary for healthy smiles. WaterLase laser dentistry is a proactive, drug-free approach to overcoming dental phobia and getting back on the path to oral wellness.

Laser dentistry is just one example of our commitment to bringing safe, comfortable treatment to patients in the Ellisville, Ballwin, and West County area.
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