Orthodontics: Tooth Straightening at Ellisville Dental that Fits Your Lifestyle

Dr. Andrew Mitchell and Dr. Scott Mitchell have been caring for patients of all ages in the Ellisville, Ballwin, and West County area for over 30 years. They know that most patients have something in common – they’d like to have straight teeth, healthy mouths, and attractive smiles. We have options in orthodontics to fit most situations.


Interceptive orthodontics

When permanent teeth begin to come in, there may not be enough room for them in the dental arch. It is best to begin interceptive treatment to widen the jaws, using functional appliances. The specific appliances used are dictated by what is needed to stimulate additional growth in the dental arches. This growth development of the jaws makes room for permanent teeth to come in. It gives erupting teeth room to align themselves in the arch as the child grows. When all permanent teeth are in, a determination can be made regarding what sort of final treatment the patient needs to finish aligning their teeth.

Traditional braces

Traditional braces consist of the brackets and wires most commonly associated with tooth straightening. Brackets are available in both stainless and clear types. Braces may be appropriate for teen or adult patients with bite issues as well as cosmetic misalignment.


Invisalign is different approach to straightening teeth:

  • It does not use brackets or wires.
  • A series of clear, thin plastic trays fit over the teeth.
  • Impressions of the patient’s teeth are taken and sent to a dental laboratory. The lab fabricates the number of clear trays necessary to bring teeth into position.
  • Each case must be evaluated for specific alignment problems to determine whether the patient is a candidate for Invisalign treatment.

For a straight smile solution that fits your lifestyle, schedule an orthodontics consultation at
Dr. Andrew Mitchell on (636) 227-6945 or Dr.Scott Mitchell on (636) 227-0400. We serve the communities of Ellisville, Ballwin, and West County.