Healthy Smiles Start with Preventative Dentistry at Ellisville Dental

The primary goal of our dental team is to help patients throughout the Ellisville, Ballwin, and West County area avoid oral problems through preventative dentistry techniques.

Preventative Care

The best way to prevent cavities and gum disease is proper daily brushing and flossing. In addition, semi-annual prophylaxis appointments at our office provide:

  • Professional cleanings by a registered dental hygienist to remove build-up of tartar that brushing and flossing cant remove.
  • Evaluation of gingivitis and periodontal disease.
  • Examination by the dentist to detect cavities and assess existing dental work.
  • Diagnostic x-rays.
  • Oral cancer screening.

Four out of five adults over the age of 35, living in the US have some form of gum disease (gingivitis and periodontal disease). As adults, we lose more teeth to gum disease than to cavities. The best way to prevent cavities and gum disease is proper brushing and flossing daily along with semi-annual professional cleanings (prophylaxis) and check-ups at our office. Professional cleanings by the registered dental hygienist, remove the build-up of tartar or calculus where the toothbrush and floss have missed; as well as evaluate the mouth for gingivitis and periodontal diseases. The examination by the dentist detects not only cavities, but evaluates existing restorations and diagnostic x-rays. An oral cancer screening is performed as well. Your preventative visits help avoid serious and costly dental problems and is essential to having a healthy and beautiful smile.

Periodontal treatment

Four out of five Americans over the age of 35 have some form of gum disease, the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Periodontal disease is an infection of gum tissue that attacks bone and supporting structures of teeth. Initially, gums are red and may bleed easily. This condition is called gingivitis, and is reversible with cleaning and good oral hygiene. If gingivitis persists, bone shrinks away from the infection. Ultimately teeth become loose and require extraction. Once bone is affected, the condition is known as periodontal disease.

Treatment for periodontal disease is a deeper cleaning of root surfaces, which may require local anesthetic. We may also recommend laser and FDA approved antibiotic treatment (Arestin) delivered under gum tissue into periodontal pockets. Patients having advanced gum disease may need cleanings every three to four months.

Oral bacteria that cause periodontal infections are linked to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential to maintain whole body health.

We want to help you understand the status of your oral health to formulate a plan for optimal wellness. Call our office at (636) 227-0400 to schedule a preventative dentistry appointment at our Ellisville office.